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Student Enrollment Requirements for September 2017

Registration for cosmetology enrollment and class orientation is starting now for September 2017. To enroll, please complete all financial arrangements, applications, and paperwork prior to submitting your application. If you withdraw from the program, no hours or academics will be released until all financial obligations are met. Official transcripts must be provided to the school.

To be accepted into the school, all applicants must:

• Be at Least 17 Years of Age by
  Their Projected Graduation Date
• Undergo a Background Check
  Prior to Enrollment
• All Applicants Meet the School
  Director for an Interview

Required Documentation:
• Shenandoah Beauty Academy
  Application with $100
  Registration Fee*
• Birth Certificate
• US Social Security ID 
• Two Photographs - Passport Size
   2x2 (head shot with front and side
   view - no glamor shots)
• Note of Good Health signed
  by Doctor 
• One of the Following: High
  School Diploma or GED

If accepted, registration fee goes toward tuition.

Considerations before Enrolling

The Shenandoah Beauty Academy does not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering the same course of study. Moreover, we do not enroll students who have been terminated from other schools. Additionally, we do not participate in student loan programs. SBA students needing financial assistance should seek local lending institutions. To inquire about tuition, please reach out to us by phone or email.

Touring Our Campus

The academy is a state of the art school, with the use of a computerized white board used as a part of the training process. Our spacious, well equipped and modern school provides students with the most thorough and educational environment for learning. For additional school information, please schedule an appointment and tour of the school.

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